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When does the small game season start?


When does the small game season start?

Without data fully confirmed officially, the six provinces consulted are working on the opening. What would be the estimated dates in which they would allow us to go out into the field in Córdoba, Entre Ríos, La Pampa, Río Negro, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires.

The cycle begins, as every year, where the sport hunter and shooter awaits the opening of the small game season. The pandemic modified some dogmas that have been repeated in a traditional way for years, so in 2021 the beginning of the season will not only depend on the different ministries or secretariats of the environment, fauna or wildlife, but on the different health protocols for the Covid, both national and provincial. In short, as of the closing date of this edition, nothing was clear, everything was a potential gray, comments off the record. After several calls and consultations with the provinces of Córdoba, Santa Fe, Río Negro, Entre Ríos, La Pampa and Buenos Aires, we obtained the following data, but which may change according to the evolution of the pandemic and the political thermometer and / or sanitary. Let's see...

> Córdoba: it will start its season from June 2 to July 29 for partridge, hare and some varieties of ducks.

> Santa Fe: will enable the activity from May 22 to July 21 only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The quota will be 5 partridges and 2 hares per hunter / day.

> Río Negro: started on May 1 and will close on July 31. The permitted species are hare, pigeon, California quail and wild rabbit.

> Entre Ríos: estimates that its season will begin on 5/21 and will last until 8/15, and that the species allowed will be partridge, hare and duck. The interviewees consulted stated that there will be special biosecurity protocols, so it will not be possible to pluck or eviscerate the animals hunted in the field. In the same sense, all waste generated must be transported in a red bag.

> La Pampa: its season is from May 1 to July 31 and you can only hunt common and wild partridge; for now other species are prohibited.

> Buenos Aires: the starting flag will probably be lowered between May 6 and July 31, for partridge, hare, duck and pigeon.

As we mentioned at the beginning, these are all potential data collected until April 23. The advice is to connect with the website of the province to visit before planning an outing, not only to see if the season is, what are the authorized areas, the costs of permits and how to process them, but to know - fundamentally - what Regulations must be followed by the Covid. An important issue that arises from social networks is that of the guides. There are several that offer consolidated departures before it is known with certainty if a certain province opens the season. Do not be fooled, much less pay in advance. Poaching is punishable by law. And if a province or area was enabled in 2019, it does not mean that this year it is. So if someone assures that they can take people to hunt before the regulations are known, they would be lying, unless they are preserves with special permits or some pest species whose hunting, in general, is enabled all the time. year, which does not exempt it from complying with national and local pandemic protocols. 

Finally, remember all the necessary papers and credentials to travel, and check that they are valid. It is a good time to dust off the supplies and exercise not only in the polygon, but also taking walks to get used to the challenge to come.


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